CAVALLINI has vast experience in the manufacture of stuffed pasta automatic forming machinery. The company has designed a range of patented, high-performance machines to recreate the same results obtained when pasta is made by hand using the traditional methods found in Emilia. Making tortelloni and tortellini, as well as other types of fresh pasta, which taste just as good as the traditional hand-made versions, has never been easier.

This result has been achieved thanks to four main objectives, as follows:

1) Use of up to 93% of the pasta sheet (patented), meaning the stuffed pasta shape is always formed using fresh pasta with a constant level of quality because off-cuts are not put back into the dough mix;
2) Innovative low-pressure injection filling system which maintains the original high quality of the product;
3) Unique overlap closing system (patented), to meet the requirements of the traditional pasta shapes found in Emilia. The result is a product at an extremely "premium price" enabling results which are far better than those obtained with other machines on the market which use the "punched closing" technique.
4) Pasta sheet processed at 45° relative to the forming line (patented), enabling approximately 30% more productivity than when pasta sheets of the same size are processed on other types of machines.

As well as having high technological content, CAVALLINI automatic stuffed pasta forming machines also contribute to the continuation of the traditions of Emilia.